Evolutionary paleoecology and systematics of marine encrusting and boring faunas (sclerobionts), especially those in the Ordovician and Jurassic. (See for example: Taylor, P.D. & Wilson, M.A. 2003. Palaeoecology and evolution of marine hard substrate communities. Earth-Science Reviews 62: 1-103.)


The development and early diagenesis of marine carbonate rocks, particularly carbonate hardgrounds. (See for example: Palmer, T.J. & Wilson, M.A. 2004. Calcite precipitation and dissolution of biogenic aragonite in shallow Ordovician calcite seas. Lethaia 37: 417-427.)


Eemian Stage interglacial coral reefs and sea level dynamics. (See for examples: Wilson, M.A., Curran, H.A. & White, B., 1998. Paleontological evidence of a brief global sea-level event during the last interglacial. Lethaia 31: 241-250 and Thompson, W.G., Curran, H.A., Wilson, M.A. & White, B. 2011. Sea-level oscillations during the Last Interglacial highstand recorded by Bahamas corals. Nature Geoscience 4: 684–687.)


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